Thursday, September 5, 2013

Abigail Turns 2!

I'm running a few months behind on documenting all we did this summer, but Abigail has had a BIG summer!  She has moved from a crib to a big girl bed, she is sharing a room with her sister and she is conquering potty training.  I feel like she has grown up so much this summer. 

On June 16th, she turned 2 years old, and we did some low-key but so-fun celebrating.  We took the girls and met Grandma and Papa at Monkey Joes in Warner Robins.  Neither have ever been to anything like Monkey Joes so it was such a big treat- they didn't stand still the entire time with so many bouncy houses to choose from, and everyone but this pregnant mama joined in on the bouncy house fun.

After an exhausting and exciting morning, we headed back to Macon for pizza and naps.  After naps, we had cupcakes, opened presents and played with all our new toys.  It was such a wonderful day with wonderful company.  I know Abigail loved every minute, and here are some pictures from the day!
So excited about all the bouncing and sliding options

Daddy did some serious sliding too

Grandma enjoyed bouncing too!

More laughs with Papa

Sliding with Papa

So many laughs

Enjoying Elmo cupcakes with Papa

opening presents

Playing with her new "dot dots"

Abigail testing out her new bubble mower

Everyone had a blast playing with bubbles

Of course the best picture I get, she is sitting on her new potty

Tiny Dancer

I love having little girls!  Our days are filled with playing "mommy", crafting and dressing up.  Katherine loves to dress up as Cinderella, Belle, Minnie Mouse and Tinkerbell, but she also loves to dress up as a ballerina.  She loves practicing her ballet arms and her curtseys so she has been so excited about starting ballet this year.  Thinking of how to make is special, we traveled to Valdosta to get Katherine's first ballet shoes fitted by Mrs. Carol who fit my first ballet shoes.  So here are some  pictures of my tiny dancer

Learning 1st position

She threw in some jazz hands

I love this girl!  Just hanging like a monkey from the barre

Practicing her plie

Such a great snapshot of their personalities

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cruising on the Disney Dream

I don't think I can put into words how special our 4 night cruise was on the Disney Dream!  It was perfect.  Nana booked this trip over a year ago and with expectations high for the trip, this cruise did not disappoint and exceeded our already high expectations.

Cruising on large, crowded cruise ships is new to all of us, and I think I can speak for all 14 of us Moseleys on board, we all had a great time.  Of course there were crowds, but the Disney team managed all the details so perfectly, I don't ever remember having to wait in line- except for 30 minutes to meet 3 princesses, which I think is a pretty exceptional wait time.

We can't thank Nana and Doc enough for making this trip possible, and I know we will cherish the memories and the many Mickey Mouse ice cream bars consumed forever!  I think one of my favorite things was to wake the girls up in the morning or after naps and see their already beaming smiles as they asked what we were going to do next.  Katherine is still daily playing "cruise ship" every afternoon and asks regularly when we are going back to the Mickey boat.  Here are some pictures from the trip, and I can pretty confidently say we have another Disney cruise sometime in our future vacation plans!
Nana and her princess at dinner- all I needed to pack was bathing suits and princess costumes

Sweet cousin time before the show

Katherine gave the characters lots of hugs- I don't think she knew what else to do

My little tinkerbell :)

Nana and her pirate crew

The best we could get of the group

Love these people!

practicing her curtsey

She was awe-struck with the princesses

a happy little girl!

Katherine's 2K Graduation

We are now in the full swing of summer, and Katherine's hair is literally green from our daily intake of chlorine, but I did want to document Katherine's 2K graduation.

I love any excuse to gather and celebrate so a 2 year old preschool graduation was a great excuse.  We had a great morning- a performance and luncheon at Ingleside Baptist Preschool, and then we headed downtown for a delicious lunch at Molly's.  It was extra special with Nana, Doc, Grandma & PaPa all able to make the graduation, and Jonathan was able to join us for lunch.  I can't believe I will have 2 preschoolers next year- they are growing so quickly.  Here are a few pics: 
Lots of sweet faces

We love Mrs. Kelly

We love Ms. Dana

Our  proud graduate

She loves her daddy